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Unfortunally information about national awards is often only available in German.

National Awards

The Wittgenstein Award provides both recognition and support to excellent scholars/scientists (up to 60 years of age) who have already produced exceptional scientific work and who occupy a prominent place in the international scientific community. The award is associated with financial support up to a maximum of 1.5 million € to be spent over a period of five years. More Information.


Austria's largest private prize for application-driven research. Established in 2005, the B&C Private Foundation’s Houska Prize is designed to improve the financial environment for innovation and research in Austria. It is also a mark of the foundation’s admiration for the outstanding research conducted in Austria. The B&C Private Foundation has announced a special prize for 2022: the 2022 Houska Prize All Stars. More Information.

Wissenschaftspreis der Margaretha Lupac-Stiftung für Parlamentarismus und Demokratie (German only)

Richard Plaschka-Fellowship: To support young academics. The fellowship should take place in the first half of the fellow's academic career. To promote research cooperation and to establish an effective network of researchers with relations to Austria

Wissenschaftspreis Inklusion durch Naturwissenschaften und Technik (WINTEC) (German only)

Science ParkDriven by a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, they help founders transform their ideas into internationally successful businesses. 

Migrations- und Integrationsforschung: Forschungspreis des Österreichischen Integrationsfonds (ÖIF) (German only)

Geschlechterforschung: Gabriele Possanner - Förderungspreise (German only)

Scholarships in Austrias National ParksWith our scholarships we want to encourage young people to take a closer look at the natural space in the national parks. With their creative as well as scientific results, our scholarship holders provide unique insights and support the national park administrations in their important task.

Österreichischer Preis für Entwicklungsforschung: Hauptpreis und Nachwuchspreis (German only)

Österreichischer Gründerpreis Phönix (German only)

Award of Excellence: Staatspreis für die besten Dissertationen  (German only)

Awards for publications in Sciences and Humanities as well as for interdisciplinary projects. More Information


Forschungspreise des Landes Steiermark

  • Erzherzog-Johann-Forschungspreis des Landes Steiermark
  • Forschungspreis des Landes Steiermark
  • Förderungspreis des Landes Steiermark
    Mehr Informationen hier.

Steirische Wissenschaftspreise

Steirische Wirtschaftspreise

Josef Krainer-Preise

Publikumspreis der Salzburger Hochschulwochen: Salzburger Hochschulwochen (German only)

Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft Preis: of the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich has been awarded on an annually changing topic since 2014. The aim of the WZP is to award top scientific achievements of young academics who are at the beginning of their scientific career. More Information

AK-Wissenschaftspreis: Die Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Oberösterreich : Wissenschaftspreis.
Die Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Steiermark fördert wissenschaftliche Arbeiten im Rahmen der Bildungsförderungen. (German only)

Preis für Föderalismus- und Regionalforschung: Institut für Förderalismus  (German only) 

Erwin Wenzl Preis: Preis wird in der Kategorie "Universität" für Master-/Diplomarbeiten sowie für Dissertationen vergeben. (German only)

Elisabeth-Gössmann-Preise: Dekanat der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät Graz (German only)

GEWI-Preise für wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten: More Information (German only)

„Confucius-Prize“ for dissertations related to China: In order to promote the next generation of academics at the Karl-Franzens-University, the Confucius Institute Graz - additionally to the extensive scholarship programs for research with regard to China - is offering this dissertation prize for research on China. Last date for submission 15.9. of the year. More information.

Dissertationspreis der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft: Die KWG schreibt für hervorragende kulturwissenschaftliche Dissertationen den Dissertationspreis der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft aus.

Georg R. Schroubek Dissertationspreis: Der Georg R. Schroubek Dissertationspreis wird für herausragende Dissertationen vornehmlich aus dem Bereich der Volkskunde/Europäischen Ethnologie vergeben.

Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler-Preis: Die Österreichische Gesellschaft für Germanistik vergibt regelmäßig einen Preis für hervorragende germanistische Dissertationen an einer österreichischen Universität.

Wissenschaftspreis Inklusion durch Naturwissenschaften und Technik (WINTEC): Wissenschaftspreis (German only)

Life Science Awards Austria: Each year, the ÖGMBT initiates a unique nationwide search in order to find the brightest young researchers in the Life Sciences field across all of Austria. More Information.

Science4Life Venture Cup: Recent doctoral graduates in the life sciences may submit a 1000-word essay based on their thesis work. Four winners, in different categories - Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Environment, Genomics and Proteomics,  Translational Medicine -,  will be selected for this international award.

Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology: The international Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology is awarded annually to one young scientist for the most outstanding neurobiological research based on methods of molecular and cell biology conducted by him/her during the past three years.

Bettina-Haupt-Förderpreis for the history of chemistry: Both published and publishable work on any topic from the history of chemistry will be taken into account, including articles, provided that they have at least been accepted for publication in a high-ranking journal . Joint work by several authors as well as thematically related individual work can also be awarded. Published work should not be older than three years. The prize is usually awarded every two years as part of the lecture Division of History of Chemistry and is endowed with 1,500 euros. The awardee has the opportunity to present his / her results in the form of a lecture. 


International/European Awards

The European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) aims to inspire early stage researchers in all research areas to incorporate a European dimension and perspective into their research. Two awards are granted every two years to: a) a PhD candidate and b) a postdoctoral fellow. More Information


Since 1989 MAB has supported young researchers each year with awards of up to US$ 5,000 in support of their research on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity. Through the MAB Young Scientists Awards MAB invests in a new generation of scientists worldwide because well-trained and committed young people are key to addressing ecological and sustainability issues. More Information


Nominees should be female scientists working in an EMBC Member State or FEBS member country, who have made outstanding contributions to life sciences research and significantly advanced our understanding of a particular discipline in the last five years in Europe. The award is generally not meant to be for lifetime achievements. Their research can cover any area of the life sciences including agricultural and biomedical research. More Information



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